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and is a binary function which is 'on' if and only if all its inputs are 'on'

Saturday, February 27, 2021

AND Association was founded in 1982

AND Association is a voluntary organisation specialising in visual arts practice. The Association plays an active role in the development of cultural policy and intervenes wherever it can (at local, national and international level) to advance the social, economic and intellectual well-being of visual artists. We are committed to enhancing cultural and educational integration between the public and practising visual artists, provide space and resources to house the arts and assist our members in creative media / visual arts production.

Our publication AND Journal of Art & Art Education was first published as a printed magazine in 1984 to encourage intellectual discourse on the visual arts. In 1996 it transformed into a “living magazine” through our 'eventSpace 1' project and a 'decade' of print publications 1984 - 92 were electronically archived... 'AND' Journal now continues as an online blog.