Peace + CON-flict – (Come and See II)

Artists are invited to bring works to AND eventSpace 1 in line with the theme of “Peace + CON-flict”.

During the month long event issues will be raised and discussed with who ever is present in the ‘eventSpace’ at the time. The contributed works will be located in the space for a length of time agreed between AND Association and the artist. Notions and understanding of the theme “Peace + CON-flict” will evolve as the event continues. What happens in the space may be recorded, works may change, come and go, get replaced. Nothing is fixed. The event will cause impact.

This is a positive and constructive event. “Peace + CON-flict” (Come and See II) offers space, a place to locate, sit and consider. Artists contributions are entirely voluntary. If you are an artist and want to take part in “Peace + CON-flict” whether offering an art work, a conversation, a statement – please contact AND.

Basra Highway © Susan Stein 1991

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