“Iraq: how, where, for whom?” – Kennard-Phillips and Hanaa Malallah

The Mosaic Rooms 226 Cromwell Road SW5 0SW
19 April – 12 May 2012
Tues – Sat 11-6pm

See opening Video: http://youtu.be/UodHR5jyGeg

What is the role of War and what is achieved by re-presenting, overlayering and photographically generating imagery of acts of violence and aggression?

“Iraq: how, where, for whom?” generates a series of issues and questions about whether creating images of horror achieves anything, socially or politically, or whether images saturated with an artistic aesthetic – the act of arranging and placing (textures, colours, shapes) – risks overwhelming the intention. Here the aesthetic game play in ‘art’ to attract our gaze risks running counter to the unaesthetic ugliness of the subject matter.

Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips whose collaborative photomontage works rage against their country’s culture of perpetrating aggressive and illegal acts rest alongside Hanaa Malallah’s orchestrated debris from her country’s experience as a victim of these acts.
Peter Kennard has consistently produced a mass of iconic works which attack the criminal perpetrators of war. This empathetic combination from both sides has resulted in a weighty exhibition of works which should be seen.


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