A Call to Artists • ‘Remember Nature’ • Gustav Metzger


Remember Nature • Gustave Metzger 2015


FourForces 2015 – also located at AND eventSpace


Installation at CSM of ‘The Guardian’ newspapers

RememberNature-GustaveMetzger3-2015 Remember Nature, a project initiated by artist and political activist Gustav Metzger, was launched on 4 November. A call was made encouraging arts practitioners around the world to participate in a Day of Action to highlight the topic of extinction. Students from all disciplines at Central St Martins (CSM) created new works to ‘Remember Nature’, addressing global issues such as extinction, climate change and environmental pollution.
Central St Martins
Granary Building,
1 Granary Square.
London N1 4AA

Metzger says: “This appeal is for the widest possible participation from the world of the arts. It is our privilege and our duty to be at the forefront of this struggle. We have no choice but to follow the path of ethics into aesthetics. We live in societies suffocating in waste.”
Metzger’s call to action urges all arts professionals to address these issues – and to establish a network of consciousness.

AND is participating and continuing this initiative with works at AND eventSpace. A Works was located in the gallery, then relocated at CSM galleries then returned to eventSpace where other works will be made and discussions on the culture, economy, ecology and displacement  will take place at our weekly ‘round table’ events. https://remembernaturegustavmetzger.wordpress.com/

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