Not knowing the Line… at AND eventSpace1

Eight artists focussing on performance, painting, sculpture, music have come together for a week of improvisational forms under the title of “Not Knowing the Line” – a collective exercise at AND eventSpace1 which uses the space for discovery. The event has provided opportunity for 4 disciplines and eight practitioners to interact with the space and with each other. The random lines of Sid Charity’s charcoal sticks balance precariously between lost and found spaces; George Rae punctuates a sterile white floor with constrained red clay which is traipsed through to the toilets, his sound works occasionally pulse through the air from another dark space outside; Korallia Sterigides’ fragmented video stutters above the parquet flooring; Jennifer Ipekel’s curled vibrant paintings screen Laura Burns slow paced movementsā€¦ are these informed by animals or insects or are they imagined progressions? – her collected stones are playfully strewn elsewhere in a space aboveā€¦ Benjamin Schmechel offers us booklets of linear poetic lines whilst Merve Iseri paints ‘abstracted landscapes’ in contrast to her recent works around social documentation of identity; Fai Chung contributes to the collective sense with choreographed sound pieces of a strumming guitar.

The installed works are abandoned as the artists move in and out of the space – the planned programme of performances and ‘open labs’ are abandoned and then rescheduled and reconstructed. Occasional gatherings punctuate the events and short dialogues take place to figure out the next move. There is no obligation to do anything although there is a hidden expectation of external interest and an intention to “know the line”.

nktline-ben1 nktline-george1 nktline-korallia1 nktline-laura-2 nktline-laura1 nktline-sid1