Projections for the coming decade

Sensory City – LFA 2018

London Festival of Architecture (2018) – collaborative installations, documentation and events with the RCA Society looking at London’s identity as a “Sensory City”

FairTrade T-Time events

During Fair Trade fortnight – holding “meeting up with the neighbours” for Friday afternoon Fair Trade contributory ’tea-times’ to promote and enjoy Fair Trade products. Bring your edibles to the “tea-time” such as made, or made from, fair trade products to share with other(s). If you produce a good amount then also share with your neighbouring homes and businesses.

From FairTrade – Fashion

Collaboration with the RCA Society to raise awareness around textile production and clothing (school uniforms, industrial wear, hospitality industries, TShirts) with a view to working with local schools, head teachers, school governors, art/craft teachers to introduce concepts of fair trade with the aim of a local school competition to design and produce a sample uniform or wearable item from fair trade materials within the specified industries to be displayed at a public event.

Contemporary excavation Aldgate+E

Collating local responses to the rapid ‘development’ and shift in the social and economic landscape we see through our windows in Aldgate+E. Illustrated by using everyday smallscale personal items throw shadows into the environment: Contemporary excavation – Shadows of banknotes, Coins, lipstick, mobile phones, cufflinks…. (a comparative to recent and past historical environments).

Art% for WhiteChapel CivicCentre

European and UK wide implementation of an allocation from infrastructure development and growth, directed towards the community as a regular annual social return as a ‘space %’ (such as artists-authors’ studios, workshops, laboratories, performance and display spaces).
Developing a ‘local loyalty scheme’ in line with economic, social and environmental sustainability. In line with key objectives Managing Growth, Shaping Change and Spreading the Benefits of Growth within the ‘Social Value Act 2012’ framework.
(Stage II of our discussion paper and keynote presentation with samples from Britain and EU, Municipal / local government civic centres)

Artist %Placement and Local Economic Growth

Full time and regular engagement for creative individuals from diverse practices. Innovative and creative engagements within statutory, non-statutory organisations operating in local and national planning policy frameworks.

Lending scheme for Artworks

Development of a lending scheme for Artworks produced by local creative individuals from diverse practices. The lending scheme extends to neighbours, homes and businesses within the street, estate or block. (Clays Lane arts project)

Identifying historical innovations and events of social impact

Excavating the riches with the St Mary’s area John Cass Metalurgy testing centre, Alizarin Dyes, Prototyping 3D printing, Steel cable and Rope making, Coin minting, Suger refinery, Electrical engineering and Electro-Magnetics works, Paint and Dyes manufacturing, Printing, Cable, Mulberry tree fields.

Sutton ‘SpitFire-Merlin’

Community project which marks a significant time in Britain’s aviation industry and its impact on the local history of an area around Croydon.
Working with the local authority to develop an art procurement strategy with the aim of Marking the Path of the Spitfire in the proximity of the old Croydon airport.

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