FairTrade 2018 TeaBreak

Dear co-operators, neighbours, businesses and friends,

“Fair Trade is about choosing products that change lives for good”

“Don’t feed exploitation – choose FairTrade”

What are you doing to celebrate “FairTrade Fortnight”…?

You are welcome to drop-in to our venue and enjoy a ‘Fair Trade “Coffee Break” or Fair Trade “Tea Break” …!

Why not join in?

Meet others for a chat about any local national or other issues important to you  and get to know others in your local area.

Date: Friday 9th March 2018

In the morning between 10am to 12pm

In the afternoon between 4pm – 6pm?

VENUE: ArtZone Co-op at AND 

10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX

Tel: 020 7481 9053 • Mob:07950 197 422

Everyone who wants to drop by please bring along a contribution to drink, eat and share with at least one other… such as FairTrade labelled tea, coffee, chocolate, flowers, fruit, juices, beer, wine or other Fair Trade contributions.

You can also bring home made items which are made with Fairly produced ingredients or materials.

We look forward to seeing you.

Ismail Saray • Jenni Boswell-Jones

(on behalf of Tower Hamlets Co-operatives Forum (THCF)

‘Remember you can be part of the difference’

‘Choose FairTrade – Together we are stronger’

This is a participatory and contributory event. If you can’t drop by your local shop or supermarket don’t panic as you can always contribute in other ways…for not more than £1.