Degree of Value

Dear Friends of AND,

You may have noticed that all AND “Journal of Art & Art Education” publications are now available to download from our website as pdf’s. The pdf’s are for personal and educational use. Also we still hold a few of the original printed copies for any ‘collectors’ out there.

Our website and arts venue - AND “eventSpace 1” - is now a “living journal” which provides space for exhibition and discussion. Since first publishing “AND” (1983/4) education has been a key part of our interest and there are still plenty of issues to raise.

Over the last 30 years we’ve come full circle - from “Thatcher’s Britain” of the 1980s to “Thatchers Children” of the 2000s. Destructive policies continue to blight education, and whilst the private gallery and exclusive auction houses thrive, cultural centres, public galleries and arts venues are being savagely cut down. For the majority of us we have no choice but to carry the can for corrupt operators in the banking industry, and to struggle in a culture shaped by undemocratic multinational corporations dictating to governments. Their solution is to “make us pay for it”!

This year graduating students will be carrying debts up to £50,000. Public funding to Universities will be cut more - gradually moving to a ‘privatisation’ of higher/further education. More of our student body will be made up of financially privileged young people - marginalising many who have talent but not the economic means to study.

These issues and many more need to be discussed, positions have to be taken and put forward as part of the wider debate on what kind of future we want to see in the creative sector.

AND ‘eventSpace1’ is holding a ‘roundtable’ educational debate on “art education” - Sunday 9 August 2015 (2pm - 8pm). This will take place during a two week long exhibition -”Convergence” - of selected works by recent graduates of the Royal College of Art.

Please come and join the debate. Your expertise is wanted!

regards, Jenni + Ismail