Excessive Optimism Art Show


AND Event Space 1

10 Back Church Lane
London E1 1LX


David Sherriff for everything

e-mail: david.sherriff@rcasociety.net
mobile: 07584 576 395


Jenni Boswell-Jones to say you are taking part.

e-mail: jenni.boswell-jones@rcasociety.net
tel: 020 7481 9053

Sunday 2pm September 18th 2011

Members and friends are invited to participate

Call for Submissions

  • Submit one work of art to the show with an exceptionally bullish valuation. You will join others with similar exuberance.
  • A painting, sculpture, drawing, sounds, design, fashion piece, found object, poetry, old or new, anything goes. You don't have to be the creator, you can represent another’s work, past or present.
  • Display prices of your work can only be accepted with prices ranging between £10,000 to £1,000,000. The gallery team, Ismail and David, will happily help you do valuations.
  • Each work should be submitted along with a statement by the artists, plus title, name and price. Art works will remain wrapped until the presentation begins.
  • The presenter (artist or nominee) will announce the work and read the short statement to the gathering of artists, guests, critics, connoisseurs and art buyers.

Some anticipated works

  • Skoob Box Installation by John Latham presented by Jenni Boswell-Jones and Karl Birjukov, display price £350,000.
  • Musical installation by Queen Mary’s engineering graduate discounted at £25,000.
  • Dutch Moonlight Townscape by Van Hier revealed by David Sherriff at £36,999.
  • Oxygen Cylinder Installation presented by Ismail Saray, valued at £56,000.
  • Coat hanger by John Kaine at £60,000.

The show is about optimism, after which the outcome will be either mollified or celebrated with suitable drinks. After the ‘excessive optimism’ presentation event all works will be on display (with creator permissions) for a public viewing and retrieved by their ‘new owners’ at the end of the week.

Attendance at the event is £10 • £12 for non-members (whether submitting a work or not). Let David or Jenni know your space requirements before 11th September. Works suitably wrapped can be delivered, by arrangement, at least 2 days in advance by 16th September.