Not Knowing The Line

Group Show

A week of improvisational forms

  • Laura Burns
  • Sid Charity
  • Fai Chung
  • Jennifer İpekel
  • Merve İ┼čeri
  • George Rae
  • Benjamin Schmechel
  • Korallia Sterigides

25th November till 1st December

AND eventSpace
10 Back Church Lane,
London E1 1LX
t: 020 7481 9053

A hunch, glitch-drawn out from the belly; a sliding scale of unknowing, a trust-shucked boulder of amber at the crux of the spine; a gap, a slip, a leap of faith, a following with intent -
the way the water takes its line.

A group exhibition and week of improvisational forms spanning

  • performance
  • painting
  • sculpture
  • film
  • music
  • and open labs

by 8 artists, architects, musicians, and dancers.

Open Labs

We are crashing up our practices, sliding them into and around one another. We will move, asking the bones and blood what they know, exploring nonhuman agency in performance. A practice of leaps and juxtapositions. Theory and play. How are we touched by the immaterial? Is this political? We will respond to what is here and now in silence, listening, and loving rage.