AND Event Space 1

10 Back Church Lane
London E1 1LX


tel: 020 7481 9053

September 25th till December 31st

eventSpace is open
Wednesday to Sunday 12noon - 7pm
(other times by appointment)

come and see II

You are invited to take part + contribute + show + perform + be present and let others know… in Peace‍-‍Con‍+‍Flict continuing event

During the event, art works will be added to and extracted from the exhibition. “PEACE‍-‍CON‍+‍FLICT” coincides with local and world wide events. While the transformer exhibition goes on there will be collisions and clarifications, defeats and victories - and in the end…

For more information
t: 020 7481 9053
drop by: AND ‘eventSpace’ 10 Back Church Lane London E1 1LX

Located nearby Cable Street where the historic "Battle" took place 75 years ago.

The expanding programme of events and discussion will be posted on the AND website.